Monday, September 21, 2009

R.A.D. Experience at WSIR's Wednesday Drag Race Nights

Willow Springs International Raceway launched its first Wednesday Drag Race Nights and R.A.D. Experience was there to support and participate! The event took place Sept 16, 2009 at WSIR in Rosamond.
We have Mark from Rosamond, one of R.A.D. Experience's Drag crew member driving his Dodge SRT.
The event was filled with people of all ages. There were muscle, vintage, Japanese and Euro cars and even a lifted truck.

Drag racing will never be as fun without little arguments from the drivers.
But at the end, everybody had a blast. We met old friends and met new friends as well.
Join R.A.D. Experience on September 23 for another Grudge Drag Nights @ WSIR!

For more pictures of the event, click this link: [Picture Gallery by RichardF].

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