Tuesday, October 27, 2009

R.A.D. Experience Drift Demo and Scary Balcony Event

R.A.D. Experience went out to Willow Springs International Raceway and did a drift intermission demo for Beyond Willow Speedway on Oct 24, 2009 at Speedway Willow Springs track. Ryan, Richard, Carlo, Mikko, JP, David, and Charlie "Cam" (unfortunately Gary did not make it to the show because of car problem) did a 7 drift car tandem with Mark (R.A.D. Experience's Drag race driver) as the pace car. There were a lot of spectators who cheered specially for the FC of Cam a.k.a. "The Flamethrower". After the first half of the demo, R.A.D. Experience gave ride alongs to the three winners of the raffle and did a 3 car tandem while being chased by 2 police cars.

We would like to thank all the spectators who gave us warm welcome, for the fellow drivers who lend us some tools to fix our cars, the staff of Beyond Willow Speedway specially to Nassi for giving us the this opportunity.

On the following day, R.A.D. Experience held Scary Balcony Event at the Balcony of WSIR. A good amount of drivers showed up and a lot of new drivers too. The drivers were divided into two groups: intermediate and advanced. The intermediate group did the basic drift layout and instructors were available for instructions. The advance group did several drift layouts and had the chance to practice drift tandem. After lunch, some of the intermediate drivers were promoted to the advanced group to do the more challenging layout to enhance their drifting skills.

See the pictures for the weekend actions! Raw video of the drift intermission demo will be posted within the week!

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