Monday, January 25, 2010

Performance Nissan Sponsors R.A.D. Experience!!!

"Performance Nissan of Duarte is a Nissan dealership located in Southern California, just a few miles away from Pasadena. We are staffed with knowledgable experts that specialize in specific applications and products, will prove this fact. Performance Nissan is one of the biggest NISMO dealers in the country, we have a huge inventory of NISMO products as well as rare JDM NISSAN parts. In addition to that line, we also carry a wide range of high performance products and accessories to help build your vehicle. Being that we are located in Southern California, we have a main advatange that other vendors and dealers do not have: the convenience of being locally located with many of the leading manufactuers in the industry; I.E, NISMO, GReddy, HKS, Tanabe, Mackin Industries, JIC Magic, STOPTECH, etc. This convenience allows us to be able to pick up any part and cuts down the lead time of having items to ship to us and cuts out the process of items having to be drop shipped. Being a dealer, we have very high standards in the parts we offer and would never sell our customers something we wouldnt equip on our own personal vehicles. The staff of Performance Nissan of Duarte are always up to date on any technical information concerning Nissan cars, being a dealership gives us the advantage point of receiveing technical information direct from Nissan North America and we receive the inside exclusive information on new upcoming NISMO products."

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