Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green Oil

Green Oil Products

5w-20, Retail = $18.99/5Qt
5w-30, Retail = $18.99/5Qt
10w-30, Retail = $18.99/5Qt
20w-50, Retail = $18.99/5Qt

Full Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oils:
0w-20, Retail = $6.75/Qt
5w-20, Retail = $6.75/Qt
5w-30, Retail = $6.75/Qt
10w-30, Retail = $6.75/Qt
15w-50, Retail = $6.75/Qt

Fully Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oils:
5w-40, Retail = $29.99/5Qt
15w-40, Retail = $29.99/5Qt

Full Synthetic Gear Oils:
75w-90, Retail = $9.99/qt
80w-140, Retail = $9.99/qt

To order, please contact Ryan thru: 
Mobile: 818 357 0783
Walk in: 7819 Sepulveda Blvd. Van nuys, CA 91046 


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