Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cold Summer Nights: HTM@Night by Richard Fadera

Here is the second installment of pictures from Cold Summer Nights: HTM@Night held July 31, 2010 at WSIR: Horse Thief Mile presented by RAD Experience and Infinit Wheels.

Staff Ramon and Reuben at the love shack are ready alright.

And here are the Time Attack drivers gripping each corner of Horse Thief Mile.

Here is Mike Kim of MotorMavens doing his stuff and will be the 3rd installment of pictures from the event.

And here are the drifters getting pumped up for night drifting.

And Joon Maeng burnt some Nitto tires with his S13.5 and showed both drivers and spectators how a Professional drifter does it. Thanks for supporting grassroots drifting Joon!!!

Another driver's meeting before we start time attacking and drifting Horse Thief Mile at night! By the way, this is the first time on Horse Thief Mile to have a time attack and drifting event so SAFETY FIRST is strictly implemented.


  1. Keep up the great work Ryan!It was great to meet you all and wish you the best! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Thanks for lending me your fuel rail Carlo Jacinto! I appreciate it very much! I respect you very highly for who you are! It's a blessing to meet friends like yourself! You're looking good out at the track! Good job!!

    Keep up the awesome driving and be courageous, positive and faithful! If any of RAD drivers need advice/recommendations feel free to hit me up on,, etc.

    Mind Over Matter
    Joon Maeng

  2. It's a pleasure seeing you at the event Joon! Have fun and goodluck in Vegas!!!