Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cold Summer Nights: HTM@Night by Todd McCarty

Here is the first installment of pictures from Cold Summer Nights: HTM@Night. Thanks to Todd McCarty.

Drivers getting ready with the beat of the DJ.

First to go are the Time Attack drivers.

Next are the Drift drivers.

Joon Maeng showed up to support grassroots drifting. Unfortunately, he just did several laps as his car encountered electrical issues.

Here are the night shots.
Staff going around checking the track and and the lights.

If you are interested to have a print copy of the picture you can contact Todd McCarty through his Facebook account or through email:


  1. No pics of my 240 drifting....And i was doing =(

  2. Aaron, what 240 were you driving? There are more pictures to be posted. This is only one of the photographers work out there. I'm still processing pictures that I took and still waiting for Mike Kim of Motormavens for his work too.