Saturday, October 15, 2011

Formula D: Title Fight 2011 Part 2of2 >>> Main Event

After the pumped up Friday qualifying runs, Formula D is now on its last leg of its 2011 season.

 The Need for Speed booth is getting ready for the final event.

  The top 32 drivers doing their practice tandem runs.

  The team's crews, models and the media are getting busy too

 People from up north, Serial F*ck*ng Nine.

 Battle of the Corollas.

 The starting grid.

 Odi Backhis awarded 2011 Rookie of the Year!

 The ladies of Need or Speed.

 DJ Miki Taka giving some beat at the Need for Speed lounge.

 Victoria Mai throwing out the peace sign.

 Team Boso Drift.

 Free stuff is always good.

 Boso being a boss!

Michael Essa eliminating Vaughn Giitin Jr after an OMT (One More Time.)

 After Dai was eliminated, JTP has his chance for the championship until he smacked the wall with his battle against his team mate.

 Walker Wilkerson and DMac.

 Nexen Tire driver Cyrus Martinez walking away from the track after hitting the wall.

Chris Forsberg finishing 3rd place. 

The event was so intense that the series points were almost even giving Dai Yoshihara, Justin Pawlak, Chris Forsberg and Tyler McQuarrie a chance for the championship title. It went all down to Dai after JTP and Chris Forsberg crashed to the wall during the Top 4 battle. 

 Team Falken Discount Tire celebrating its victory as 2011 Formula Drift Champion. Well deserved!

This is the most crazy at the same time exciting Formula D round ever. A lot of cars smacked the wall and the season points were almost even.

Congratulations to the round 7 event winners Chris Forsberg taking 3rd, Rhys Millen talking 2nd while Tyler McQuarrie getting 1st place.

2011 Formula D Rookie of the Year - Odi Backhis.

2011 Formula D Champion - Dai Yoshiahara.

At the end of the night, everyone had a great time and witnessed the most epic round of Formula D yet.

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Thanks to Jeff Abbott and SoCal Drift for the hook ups.

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