Monday, April 18, 2011

R.A.D. Experience Interview: Tanner Foust

R.A.D. Experience interviews 1st place 2011 GRC rd2 Seattle AWD winner, Tanner Foust.

R.A.D. Experience Interview: Michael Jemberg

R.A.D. Experience interviews 2nd place 2011 GRC rd2 Seattle AWD winner, Michael Jemberg.

R.A.D. Experience Interview: Andreas Eriksson

R.A.D. Experience interviews 3rd place 2011 GRC rd2 Seattle AWD winner, Andreas Eriksson.

Global Rally Cross Championship rd2 Seattle

Here is our raw coverage of GRC rd 2 in Seattle. The trip was unplanned, the weather has been gloomy and chilly but the rally cross action is definitely a RAD Experience!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Video of the Week 73: Size Matters!!!

Here it is, the promotional video of the 12-time Pike's Peak Champion Mike Ryan where Ryan, Richard and Joshua of RAD Experience were part of it!

Size Matters!

So what do you think? That's definitely a RAD Experience!!!