Wednesday, March 23, 2011

XDC LA rd 1 Part 2 of 2

So, here is the continuation! Ending XDC LA rd 1 Part 1 with the Top 16 drivers, we start with the Top 16 tandem!

Love tap between Chelsea DeNofa and  Robert Turnbow.

Unfortunately for Robert Turnbow, he encountered some mechanical issues that 
ended his day early. 

Nate Hamilton and Cyrus Martinez (W).

Battle of the FC's! George Marstanovic (W) and Daniel Kuo.

Kelvin Arreola scraping the wall!

Kelvin Arreola and Odi Backhis (W). 

Dave Briggs (W) and Jeff Abbott. 

Here are the top 8 drivers.

Forrest Wang scraping the wall!
Chelsea DeNofa (W) and Forrest Wang showing off some good tandem runs. Both drivers gave  gangster angles and getting close to the wall that lead to several One-More-Times (OMTs). 

Cyrus Martinez and George Marstanovic (W). 

Will Parsons and Odi Backhis (W).

Here is another pair of drivers that showed great tandem runs that lead to OMT. 
Joshua Steele (W) and Dave Briggs.

Getting intense with the top 4 drifters!!!

George Marstanovic's time to scrape the wall!

George Marstanovic and Chelsea DeNofa (W).

Odi Backhis (W) won after Joshua Steele's S chasis' engine caught on fire. 

So the final round is between Odi Backhis and Chelsea DeNofa...
At the end, Chelsea's gangster lines and consistency paid off.

At the podium, spectators are waiting for the award ceremony.

4th place - Joshua Steele

3rd place - George Marstanovic

2nd place - Odi Backhis

2011 XDC rd1 Champion - Chelsea DeNofa 

Congratulations to all the Rd 1 winners!!!

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XDC LA rd 1 Part 1 of 2

Finally, I finished processing the images from XDC Rd1 in LA. I know, I know, it took me a while... it's been a busy week! Here you go...

I went out to Irwindale with my brother Ryan and Joshua. We got there early enough to avoid the long line.

Going around the pit area, I saw some sick rides and most of the drivers are ready for the qualifying but we saw Jeff Abbott still trying to fix his power steering issue.

Here are the qualifying runs.

Will Parsons and Joshua Steele

George Marstanovic

Carlos Cano

Cyrus Martinez

Forrest Wang

Chelsea DeNofa giving consistent gangster lines right from the qualifyings.

Dave Briggs

Here is Chris Forsberg's Infiniti M45 giving ride alongs with some of the spectators.

While waiting for the announcement of the top 16.

And here are the drivers that made top 16.
Benjamin Kunk (AZ)

Jeff Abbott (CA)

Joshua Steele (HI)

Daniel Kuo (CA)

Forrest Wang (HI)

Odi Backhis (CA)

Mike Skudlarek (MI)

Jeff Jones (CA)

Nate Hamilton (TX)

Will Parson (OK)

Cyrus Martinez (CA)

George Marstanovic (AZ)

Kelvin Arreola (CA)

Dave Briggs (CA)

Chelsea DeNofa (TX)

Robert Turnbow (TX)

End of part 1 of 2. Part 2 will show the tandem drift between the top 16 drivers to be posted tomorrow morning. So stay tuned! It is past midnight, goodnight everyone!

(High resolution prints are available upon request. Sizes varies starting from 8.5x11 to poster sizes. Contact