Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nisei Week 2010

R.A.D. Experience went to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles on August 14, 2010 to spectate Nisei Week. According to Wikiepedia, Nisei Week (二世週祭 Nisei-shū Matsuri?) is an annual festival celebrating Japanese American (JA) culture and history in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Nisei means 2nd generation in Japanese, describing the first American born Japanese, a group which the seven day festival was originally meant to attract. Though named for the Nisei generation, Nisei Week is no longer targeted at Niseis, nor is the festival still contained within a week. Nisei Week Foundation president for 2006, Michelle Suzuki, described the festival as "the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to celebrate Japanese heritage and culture"

Japanese festival would not be complete if there is no ground to show off totally pimped out cars. Varying from restoring vintage cars to customizing compact cars.

Like these vintage Corollas and Honda Civics.

Look at this crazy camber!

We also spotted our friends from Motormavens and DSTROYR.

And our friends in Infinit Wheels were also there to showcase their rides.

They even have a Hybrid Integra: Gasoline and hydrogen powered engine.

We spotted Maureen Chen representing and  got the opportunity to take a few shots.

Daijiro Yoshihara was also there representing Discount Tires.

Back to more wheels.

Check out these Ruckus...

And this fully restored Honda Civic, I'm not sure what year specifically... somebody hit me up!

And this S2k.

Cars with Japanese decals.

And I can not resist posting this pink porta potty.   :)

After the car show, we went around Little Tokyo again to check out the music, food and the merchandise.

We found this booth RAD is RAD! (with Ryan of R.A.D. Experience posing. lol!)

And this Filipino dude wearing a Free Lumpia.

And Nisei Kitty going around with her Japanese outfit.

And anime ladies with my brother Ryan and myself.

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