Saturday, April 11, 2009

Round 1 Results

I would like to thank the following in behalf of the Rad Experience staff and Socal Drift:

Our sponsors: DTC Performance and Desert tow.

Judges: Quoc Ly, Colin Frost and Bryan Rogers

All our awesome participants, that showed grace and skill driving our new Rad experience layout: The "R"

Tofu Prod and Toxic Images for rad media coverage

Everyone that has come and supported the event.

Without you guys this will not be a possibility.

Congratulations to the Winners:

4th place: AE86 car # 15 Luke Pakula

3rd place: E30 car # 17 David Blunt

2nd place: NB car # 12 Jeff Abbot

Round 1 Champion: S13 car # 9 Nick Sima

As a D1 Underground event, we are able to give our advancing top 4 drivers from each round an opportunity to qualify at the D1 Grand Prix Pro-Qualifying which will feed into the top 30 for the main show.

Top 4 drivers please contact Ali of D1GP.

Top 16 drivers with their equivalent scores will be posted here and on the socal-drift website.

Videos and photo teasers will be posted soon.

Thank you very much once again and I am glad to say that it was truly a Radical Auto Driving experience.

See you guys round 2!


-Ryan F.