Saturday, March 23, 2013

NASCAR Practice Runs

I have a confession to make, I haven't watched a full NASCAR race. Ever.

I was given the opportunity to cover the NASCAR leg in the Auto Club Speedway of California in Fontana California on March 22, 2013 in part of the Hot Import Nights 2013.  

So I went out today to check out the venue of the events and at the same time check the racetrack for the drivers' practice runs. 

 I was kind of excited since it will be my first NASCAR coverage but at the same time anxious to be disappointed since knowing NASCAR just goes in one direction. (sorry NASCAR fans...)

 It was a different feeling being at the track side. Garages filled with big time sponsors, fans going gaga,  and tight security. 

 What I liked immediately was the roaring engines going flat out going as fast as 175mph (282km/h). 

 The crowd having fun and sharing their passion with the race. 

 The staff that make sure everybody is safe and having a good time. 

 And more roaring and screaming engines that reminded me to bring earplugs for the main race. 

The crowd went wilder when Danica Patrick in her #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet race car went out for her practice runs. 

Photographing this event is actually fun than I originally thought of. Cool crowd, awesome staff, friendly media, fast cars even though it only goes in one direction (just kidding).

 Speaking of media, photographers will do whatever to get the money shot!

 And of course, one phone picture for Instagram before I head home. Today was awesome and surely I will be back for the main race!

Photo and article by Richard Fadera.

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