Friday, February 24, 2012

Formula Drift Driver: Jeff Abbott in 2011 Formula Drift Irwindale

"The big guy in the little green Miata." That is what Jeff Abbott is well known in Formula Drift. Jeff started drifting since 2004 and has been competing in Formula Drift (FD) for several years now. 

This is Jeff during the driver's meeting of the 2011 Formula Drift in Toyota Speedway in Irwindale California before the qualifying runs.

Jeff's pit crew preparing the car for the practice runs. 

This is Michael, one of Jeff's pit crew, replacing the break lamps.

Jeff have a picture of his family in the car for his inspiration.

Jeff in the grid.

Jeff waiting for his turn to run qualifying.

Getting some support from one of the media guys.

The little green Miata giving the crowd some good angle and smoke.

Jeff checking out the other drivers during their qualifying runs. Jeff qualified and made it to top 32.

The next day, more roadster showed up for the car show.

Jeff is all set and ready to tear it up.

Jeff running tandem with Drift Alliance's Justin Pawlak's in the Falken Mustang.

Talking team strategies.

Jeff giving the thumbs up!

Jeff preparing to go to the driver's meeting while the crew doing some final tuning before running the top 32.

This is Jeff running top 32 with Dai Yoshihara.

The little green Miata tried to keep up with the Discount Tire's Nissan 240sx but the V8 really have a huge advantage.

But at the end of the day, Jeff had a great time being part of the FD history. The 2011 FD Title Fight have the most tickets sold in the entire Formula Drift as of the moment.

Right now, Jeff is preparing for the 2012 season and is pumped up to drift Long Beach. Stay tune for we will be having a pre-season shoot with Jeff and the little green Miata.

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